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Connect Groups

At Destiny Church the second part of our vision is to make church simple so people can connect to “others” because we believe that we can’t do life alone. Our connect groups provide 3 things. They provide a place to connect. We believe we have groups where you can find people who have the same interest, passion, and hobbies. Secondly they provide a place to protect. We have seen that life change happens in the context of relationships. Lives are changed because people have found out that they can open up about their past, pain, and struggles and not be looked at differently. And lastly number three they provide a place to grow. Within our connect groups we have found people growing in their faith, couples growing closer together, and people growing in their relationship with others. We would love the opportunity to do life with you. Please feel free to browse through our small group directory to discover which connect group best fits you. If you have any questions regarding our groups please feel free to reach out the the leaders by email and they will be glad to get in touch with you. Also If you are unable to find the connect that fits you best please contact the church office and let us know.